Casa da Baía

Tourism Promotion Center, inaugurated 7 May 2011, provides promotion services, dissemination and marketing of reference County, such as cheese, wine and sweets, and restoration areas.

Includes a wine shop, with a wine cellar in which are represented 36 producers from the region, capable to receive specialized events from this economic activity, and a gourmet shop, with cheese and traditional sweets.

In the space work a gallery exhibition, with temporary exhibitions of municipal responsibility, multipurpose auditorium, a meeting room and a space for the confraternities Azeitão Cheese and Moscatel de Setubal, Association Baía de Setubal and tourism promoters, and several support rooms.

The Casa da Baía, authentic living room of Setubal region, also integrates the Municipal Tourism Office, with reception areas and an area of ​​administrative support.

The cloisters, an area now fully covered, functions as winter garden, a space dedicated to socializing and leisure, conducive to the realization of small cultural events.

Outdoor, in one of the outer part of the property, was created another leisure and spectacles area , wich, through the glass floor, is possible to observe archaeological remains discovered at the site during the of the works. Some of these findings are exhibited in a small museum created for this purpose.

The creation of Casa da Baia also allowed the refunctionalization of a building dated from the first half of the XVIII century and is classified as Municipal Heritage .



  • Tourist information office
Reception & information to the public visitors
  • Archaeological center
Exhibition of archaeological artefacts collected in the building
  • Wine shop
Representation and sale of wines from the Setubal Peninsula
  • Gourmet Shop of regional products
Promotion and sale of regional products
  • Patio
Terrace winter garden and performances area
  • Outdoor patio
Area of performances and outdoor terrace
  • Tour operators Room
Promotion space of all operators (tourism companies, hotels and restaurants)
  • Room of Confraternity of Setubal Moscatel and Azeitão Cheese
  • Association Bay of Setubal Room
  • Exhibition Gallery
  • Auditorium
  • Meeting room
  • Restaurant