Sado Estuary

A good starting point to get to know the Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary is the Tide Mill of Moorish, near the Faralhão. This is an area of ​​saltmarsh and saline, weight in Nature is felt in the landscape and the mill is a secular witness of how man has adapted the natural forces to their advantage. There are several companies that develop recreational activities in the estuary. The community of bottlenose dolphins-corvineiro is one of these bookplates holiday offers, propose different river trips to observe that it is one of the few communities in the world sedentary dolphins.

The observation of flora and fauna is another of the major points of interest in the Estuary area, with the opportunity to sight, according to the season, Long legs, flamingos, eagles sapeiras or White Storks.

The Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary, where several Salinas as testimony to the importance of the extraction of the salt industry in the area once had, worth the ecological richness and variety.