Renaissance Market – Setubal


Musicians, dancers, jugglers, Food and drink and people with art in handling the sword. All together welcome to another edition of the 16th-century Market, to be held at the Fort of São Filipe, between days 30 March and 1 April, with exhibition of birds prey, free flight demonstrations, fire juggling, weapons demonstration of time among many other activities.

Rua do Forte de São Filipe will be closed to traffic during the event, for that you can take advantage of the free shuttle bus which will circulate between the Strong and the Home of the Bay.

The entries (individual – 2,00€ / Group of 4 – 6,00€) can be purchased during the event, in the Muscat kiosk, in front of the Bay, or the Fort of São Filipe. Gather the family and come and enjoy yourself.


Oyster Festival 2017

A Ostra volta a estar em destaque nos festivais gastronómicos, of 20 de outubro a 5 November.

Inscreva-se gratuitamente através do email, na aula de culinária a decorrer no Moinho de Maré da Mourisca no dia 20 de outubro pelas 10h00, ou na Degustação Comentada a decorrer na Casa da Baía, on 5 de novembro pelas 18h00

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