Herdade da Moorish is one of the prime locations, in county, for bird watching.

For several years that zone, which highlights the Tide Mill of Moorish, welcomes Observanatura, event dedicated to ornithological tourism, with different points of bird watching in the Sado Estuary, directly or using binoculars and telescopes field, some of which can connect to digital cameras for holding photos.

The growing interest in natural tourism resources, and in particular for birds, could result in a major benefit for the conservation of nature and biodiversity, the extent that the experience of the place and birding spot sensitize the visitor to the amount of funds directly or indirectly related to the observed species and their habitats.

The Moorish the Estate is part of the Sado estuary,,pt,one of the most important wetlands for bird watching,,pt,which sleeps in winter of about,,pt,thousand birds,,es,It has an observatory,,pt,purpose built to promote the observation and bird photography,,pt,some migratory,,pt,other residents,,pt,that nest in these naturally privileged space,,pt,Between resident and migratory species,,pt,highlighting the Spoonbill,,pt,the Little Grebe,,pt,the heron,,pt,Eagle-hawk,,pt,Stilts and Flamingo,,pt,The Municipal Tourism Office offers the public visitor telescope and binoculars to help the visualization of the species,,pt,They are,,pt,equally,,es,highlighted in Herdade da Mourisca,,pt,having two separate proposals,,pt, numa das zonas húmidas mais importantes para observação de aves aquáticas, podendo acolher no Inverno de cerca de 50 mil aves. Possui um observatório, construído propositadamente para promover a observação e a fotografia de aves, algumas migratórias, outras residentes, que nidificam nestes espaço naturalmente privilegiado. Entre as espécies residentes e migratórias, destaque para o Colhereiro, o Mergulhão-pequeno, a Garça-real, a Águia-sapeira, o Pernilongo e o Flamingo.

A Observanatura,,es,fair dedicated to Ornithological Tourism focused on bird watching activity,,pt,usually takes place in September and is assumed as a meeting point between nature tourism companies,,pt,The event's program includes,,pt,among other activities,,pt,workshops,,en, feira dedicada ao Turismo Ornitológico focada na atividade de observação de aves, direta ou com recurso a binóculos ou telescópios de campo, decorre habitualmente em setembro e assume-se como um ponto de encontro entre as empresas de turismo de natureza, non-governmental organizations, publishing companies and optical material and tourists ornithological, around the values ​​of biodiversity.

Do programa do certame constam, entre outras atividades, workshops, mini-cursos, passeios pedestres ou marítimos pela Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado para observação de aves, workshops and sessions ringing,,pt,Autumn Fair and Magusto,,gl,By height do S,,es,November,,pt,Fair characteristic seasonal products,,pt,produced in protected areas,,pt,I stand for fruit and vegetables,,es,This event includes a magusto,,gl,Outdoor activities and,,pt,Magusto in Mill,,gl,which preserves the folk tradition to roast chestnuts,,pt,sweet potato and piquette,,pt,Christmas grocery Mill,,pt,According to December week,,pt,Holiday Party where it favors a show of Regional Products and Crafts Setúbal Peninsula,,pt.