The Wines

To toast to the enviable varied gastronomy in Setubal region no better than a good wine.

With a microclimate that favors either the cultivation of the vine or the production of fine nectars, Setubal offers quality wines awarded in the four corners of the World.

With floral aromas in whites, the soft flavors of spices and wild fruit in reds and the diversity of flavors of the famous Moscatel de Setúbal, the wines of the region transport us to a universe of sensations in a county blessed by nature.

Wine production in the region of Setubal originates annually international recognized products , with a variety of red and white wines of quality, obtained from grapes matured on the slopes of the Arrabida Mountain.

However, The Muscat wine is a fortified wine and is the one that most distinguishes between offer. Produced in a region of Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC), muscat grapes, that give name and color to the "nectar", are harvested very ripe, fermentation is stopped with the addition of spirits, which confer, average, 18 ° of alcohol and the sweetness, which is so characteristic. After the probationary period, is that it has access to the topaz color, the aroma of orange blossom, involved in dried fruit scent, The strong golden syroup texture and a intense flavor . The Muscat variety can be white, the most common, or purple.

The company José Maria da Fonseca, based in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, is responsible for the creation of the brand, in 1849, but their neighboring Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal, located shortly after leaving the village, in the National Road N 10, is also a strong representative of the Muscat. One can visit the two wineries and other wine producers., such as Quinta de Alcube, producing wines and regional products, all of them are placed on the Setubal PeninsulaWine Route .