The gastronomic pearls Setubal

The gastronomic pearls Setubal

The sardines, distinguished in 2011 as one of the "7 Wonders of Gastronomy", is one of the dishes that brings more prestige to Setubal. In bread or plate, with salad, boiled potato, accompanied by a good regional wine, This delicacy is one of the most popular restaurants in setubalenses. The freshness of the fish and the usual unparalleled mastery that is roasted sardine Setubal make a business card that attracts diners from all corners of Portugal and abroad.

Like the famed sardines, o choco, especially the fried, assume also as a flag of Setúbal. There are few restaurants in the county that do not include in their menus this dish setubalense whose fame has crossed borders and can be tasted at any time of the day, or in sandwiches or plate, lunch or dinner and even by way of snack after a relaxing day at the beach.

Another former St. setubalenses free gourmet oysters. This mollusk is part of the regional heritage and has distinguished itself over the years by the extraordinary quality that have, facto it shall, much, caraterístico phyto plankton to the estuary of the Sado, only food that these oysters assimilate and give you a superior taste.

Be the natural or more elaborately, oysters marcam, growing, setubalense presence in food and are a treat for the palate of those who enjoy this delicacy.

As for desserts, Setúbal also gives letters. The offer is vast but the focus is on the pies and the "SS" Azeitão, sweets from a region of a thousand charms.

The Azeitão cheese is also a constant presence at the beginning or end of a meal.

Shell thin and buttery texture, is made with sheep's milk and slow flow resulting curd, after coagulation of raw milk thistle flower.

The Azeitão cheese is a protected designation of origin and has been honored nationally and internationally with several awards due to their excellent quality.