Autumn offers flavors

Outono oferece sabores

The eighth edition of Autumn Fair and Magusto, Event promotion of regional products of the season, makes no day- 8, at Herdade da Mourisca.

The event, organized by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry, by the city of Setubal and the Sado Parish Council, with support from Makro and Malo Tojo, It opens from 10.00 to 18.00, with various activities on the farm and tidal mill, some of them paid.

With free admission, the VIII Autumn Fair and Magusto has an exhibition and promotes the sale and tasting of the products Sado and Arrábida, as horticultural, mel, salt, oysters, bread, wine, cheese and herbs. It also has a catering service in charge of Amarobom and boating and buggy.


A seminar, entitled “Picking the bait and its economic contribution to the region's development”, a partir das 14h30, It offers several lectures. Paula Chaínho and Sara Cabral, do MARE – Marine Science Center and Environment of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, disclose a scientific project under way in Sado Estuary, while Valter Santos, business owner Valbaits, discusses the importance of bait to the regional economy and the mariscador Casimiro Santos speaks of his personal experience.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Magusto in Mill, 16:00, folk-oriented party where, by 1 euro, visitors eat roast chestnuts accompanied by water-walking while watching the recitations of poetry and musical notes.