Caldeirada à setubalense (Fish Stew)

To 6 persons


2,5 kg of various fish like eels, toadfish, red mullet, dogfish, Sardines, conger eel and monkfish

3 large onions

800 g potatoes

2 peppers

4 ripe tomatoes

1,5 dl olive oil

salt and pepper

4 tablespoons of pasta (elbow macaroni)


Onions are cut to thin slices and placed in the bottom of a pan (preferably use a claypot).

Put in layers sliced ​​potatoes, peppers cut into strips and chopped tomatoes.

Season it with some olive oil and pepper. Cover up and take it to the fire, without stirring, stir the pot from time to time. Meanwhile, prepare the fish and cut up the larger fish to bits.

When the potatoes are nearly cooked, puts up the fish in the pot in layers, smaller fish should, like Sardines, stay over the top.

Season with salt, and let it cook the fishes. Serve the fish stew in the same pot in which cooked without ever being stirred, trying to serve by the dishes all kinds of fish.

While eating the stew, add a little water to the broth that was left is passed through a strainer, smashing the bits of potato that have remained.

Takes up the broth to the boil and, when boiling, introduce four tablespoons of pasta (elbow macaroni), which is left cooking for approximately 10 minutes.