Choco frito à Setubalense (Fried cuttlefish)

To 4 persons


1 kg cuttlefish

100 gr. flour without yeast

1 onion

0,5 l oil

q.b.. salt, olive oil and vinegar or lemon


After preparing the cuttlefish, cut it into strips slightly thick. In a pyrex dish add water and salt and stir well, in order to make a brine. Enter the cuttlefish strips and soak for four minutes. Remove the strips, place them on a sheet of absorbent paper and dry the excess water lightly.

Pass through flour and fry in oil at a temperature of approximately 170 º for about seven minutes, until the cuttlefish get browned. Put it in a container with absorbent paper. as garnish, Serve with potato chips, cut the potatoes into thick sticks and fry them.