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typical sweet of Setúbal receives Gold Medal,,pt,April 4th,,en,The confectionery S,,pt,Julian was awarded the 5th National Competition of Traditional Confectionery Portuguese Popular,,pt,organized by Qualifies,,pt,the Gold Medal with the typical sweet Setubal,,pt,D.Filipe,,en,this twelve,,es,among others done with Setúbal orange,,pt,Azeitão cheese,,pt,Arrábida honey and muscat,,pt,was the winner of the contest "Regional Sweet Setúbal" organized by the city of Setúbal in the year,,pt,IV under the Show and Flavors,,pt,The sweet rectangular format was inspired by the Sado vessels and packaging,,pt,based on the format of boxes involving the tins,,pt

A Confeitaria S. Julião foi premiada no 5º Concurso Nacional de Doçaria Tradicional Popular Portuguesa, organizada pela Qualifica, com Medalha de Ouro com o doce típico de Setúbal – D.Filipe . Este doce, feito entre outros com laranja de Setúbal, queijo de Azeitão, mel da Arrábida e moscatel, foi o vencedor do concurso “Doce Regional […]